My import is failing or is stalled. What can I do?

In this article, we share a tip on how to resolve the issue of an import job not completing.

Stuck Import

If your import is stuck at X% and it's been a few hours, please reach out to the support team for assistance with getting that resolved. 

Prevent Imports From Getting Stuck

We often see formatting or encoding causing import issues. Before you try the import again, we recommend copying your data into a new Google Sheet and then exporting it to .CSV. This process will eliminate any potential formatting or encoding problems that might have affected your file.

Imports Still Failing or Getting Stuck

If you're unable to resolve the issue by creating the import file through Google Sheets, we're here to assist you with troubleshooting! To get started, we kindly request the following information from you:

  • A link to the table where you're importing the file
  • A sample copy of the file you're importing
  • The estimated date/time of the last time you tried the import

You can send that information to us via the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form here.