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Is there a way to have new users be automatically logged-in after they register?

Danielle Kellogg Updated by Danielle Kellogg

Right now there isn't a built-in way to automatically log in a user after they have registered. Users will need to log in after registering for a new account.

While this is something we will likely implement in the future, we don't have a timeline for when it might be released. 

What some users have done to work around this and provide users with a more familiar process is to send an email to the user to confirm or verify their new account after registration. This can be done by:

  1. Sending an email from the registration form to the new user: Email Your Users From a Form.
  2. Updating the submission confirmation message to let the user know that an email was sent to them for verification: Submit Rules - Confirmation Message.
  3. Including a link in the email that users can click to verify their new account and links to the login page.

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