Is there a way to have new users be automatically logged-in after they register?

This article will provide a popular solution to achieving the ability to allow users to be automatically logged-in after registering in Knack.

Currently, there is no built-in functionality to automatically log in a user after they have registered. Consequently, users will need to log in manually once they have successfully created a new account.

A popular solution that many users have adopted involves sending an email to the user for account confirmation or verification once the registration process is complete. This method offers users a more familiar and seamless experience.

Here's how you can achieve this:

  1. Sending an email from the registration form to the new user: Email Your Users From a Form.
  2. Updating the submission confirmation message to let the user know that an email was sent to them for verification: Submit Rules - Confirmation Message.
  3. Including a link in the email that users can click to verify their new account and links to the login page.