Data Model

Data Model is a new feature that visually maps out your app's architecture

With most database-driven apps, it can be difficult to get a bird's-eye view of how all your tables, fields and connections fit together. You're often stuck either looking at text-heavy database documentation or complex ER diagrams.

Data Model solves this by automatically generating a new interactive view from your Knack app’s underlying structure.

With clarity and precision, Data Model maps the relationships between tables and fields within your app.

Intuitive zoom and search controls allow you to fluidly navigate from bird’s eye view to granular detail.

Check out Knack’s new Data Model to effortlessly conceptualize and explore your app architecture - visually and interactively.


Key Features

  • See connections at a glance
  • Identify impact of changes
  • Focus on specific tables/fields with one click
  • Zoom out for a big picture
  • Interactive view lets you zoom, pan, and toggle elements
  • Customize and save the layout

Problems Solved

Data Model solves several key challenges when working with both simple and complex apps:

  • Difficult to conceptualize table relationships- Database documentation is dense and ER diagrams are complex. Data Model presents your app’s tables and connections visually.
  • Hard to see relationships - With Data Model's View options, you can easily see how your tables connect.
  • No high-level view - Data Model lets you view your entire app structure at a glance.
  • See conditional and validation rules - Click on a field to see its underlying rules.
  • Focus on details - By zooming and toggling labels, you can use Data Model to focus on key areas.

Getting Started

To start exploring your app with Data Model:

  1. Open your Knack app
  2. Select the "Data Model" icon on the left panel
  3. Use zoom and pan to focus on areas of interest
  4. Toggle labels and connections in the View panel to customize 
  5. Simply click on tables or fields see connections, validation, and conditional rules
  6. New tables are added to your saved layout in the upper left area

Get started with Data Model today and gain new insights into your app!