FAQ: Pricing Change

Frequently asked questions regarding Knack's 2023 price change

  • Will all plans be affected by the price increase?
    • Yes, all Knack plans and add-on packs will be affected by the price increase. For customers on our Enterprise contracts, your account manager will be reaching out to you directly to discuss how the new pricing affects your particular account.
  • Where can I find the specific Pricing Plan changes?
    • New pricing for all Base Packages and Add-On Packs can be found at our updated pricing page.
  • When does the price increase go into effect?
    • Effective October 1, 2023, we will introduce a price increase across all monthly and annual subscriptions. The adjustment will occur on the first renewal date starting from the effective date.  
    • You can find your next renewal date on your Dashboard Plan & Billing page. For all new customers, and for existing customers who make any changes to their existing plans, the new prices are effective September 1, 2023. 
  • Will this impact the Education or Nonprofit discounts?
    • The active discounts for Education and Nonprofits will not be changing and will still apply to all the new plan prices.
  • Is there any change to the discount for annual contracts?
    • The active discounts for annual contracts will remain unchanged. 
  • Does the pricing change apply to countries outside of the US?
    • Yes, these changes apply to international customers as well. 
  • I have purchased a plan to freeze my account, or I may be considering it in the future, does this pricing change affect me?
    • Frozen plans (priced monthly) have also received a modest price increase according to this schedule:

Plan Name

Old Price 

(price per month)

New Price 

(price per month)

Frozen - Starter

$9 USD

$10 USD

Frozen - Pro

$19 USD

$21 USD

Frozen - Corporate

$29 USD

$32 USD

Frozen - Plus 1

$49 USD

$55 USD

Frozen - Plus 2

$79 USD 

$87 USD

Frozen - Plus 3

$149 USD

$165 USD