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Getting Help With Custom Code

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Getting Started

​If you're experienced with Javascript, jQuery, and/or CSS and you're getting started with adding custom code to your app, our developer documentation is a great resource: ​​.​

Note that with a code-based solution, we can’t guarantee the functionality or full compatibility of custom code with Knack.

Get Help Writing Custom Code

There are a few places you can get help with writing custom code for your app:

  • Our ​Developer Documentation has some common examples that you can tweak and copy/paste into your apps.
  • You can post a question to our ​Community​ for help from other Knack users.
  • Or you can submit a project to our ​Expert Network, where Knack vetted experts can help you with customizing your app.
  • Share your question in external developer communities such as Stack Overflow.
  • If you're learning CSS on your own, it's very helpful to become familiar with your browser's developer tools in order to determine which elements you will need to apply CSS changes to.

Working with Knack Support

It is outside of the scope of the Knack Support team to test, troubleshoot, or write code for you.

While we're happy to provide guidance on whether custom code can help with a specific purpose, it is outside the scope of our support team to provide help writing or troubleshooting custom code.

This is due to the fact that it is particular to each individual app, and the complexity can become increasingly hard to troubleshoot.

What Support Can Help With

Knack support can answer general questions about topics covered in our developer documentation.

For example, if you have a question about how our API works or how a code example should work.

What Support Can't Help With

Knack support can't provide hands-on help, code suggestions, or review custom code in your app.

This means if you have written custom code or customized an example from our developer documentation we are unable to help test or troubleshoot your code.

Troubleshooting Custom Code That Isn't Working

If you need help troubleshooting your custom code, we suggest you:

Further, while our goal is to never deploy updates that break existing functionality without notice, custom code that Builders write often include integrations with third-party services and may rely on other systems outside of Knack's control. Code for these other services or systems may be updated and an app's custom code may need to be changed.

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