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I need help with CSS, Javascript, or jQuery.

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Getting Started

If you're getting started and need to know how to add custom code to your app, take a look at our developer documentation for steps:

Troubleshoot Custom Code

Because custom code is specific to each individual app, the complexity can become increasingly hard to troubleshoot. So it is outside the scope of our support team to provide specific troubleshooting with custom code.

That said, when we can we are happy to point you in the right direction! Just share what you're running into and we'll take a look.

Get Help Writing Custom Code

There are a few places you can get help with writing custom code for your app:

  • Our Developer Documentation has some common examples that you can tweak and copy/paste into your apps.
  • You can post a question to our Community for help.
  • Or you can submit details on what you want customized to our Builder Network, where Knack vetted builders can help you with your project.

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Working With Support

What is a dedicated support manager?