How to Add an Action Link to a Grid View

Quickly learn the process of incorporating an action link into a grid view by following a short instructional guide.

00:01: Learn how to efficiently manage actions and Knack by adding an action link to a grid view. Follow these steps to enhance your workflow and streamline processes for tasks. 00:14: First, we will head to the page with the grid view that we would like to add an action link to. For this example, we will be implementing an action link to a Pending Events view in order to allow users to approve events that are pending. To begin, we will select the pen icon highlighted to access the grid views toolbox. 00:37: Next, we'll select the Add Columns option from the left toolbox. 00:44: From here, we'll select the Actions option to begin adding our action link. 00:52: Since we would like to update a pending event record to approved, we will select the "Trigger an action" option for this use case. 01:03: Now, in the Column Properties, we can customize the action link starting with the header which will be shown as the column header in the grid view. 01:15: For this example, we will name the column header "Approve Event". 01:22: Here, we will input the text for the action link button. 01:28: For the link text, we will input "Approve". 01:34: For this example, we want the "Approve" link to appear for every record in the grid view since they are all pending events. So, we will skip the "Add Criteria" option which displays the link for every record by default. Then, we will want to add an action that will be triggered upon clicking the link. Select "Add Action" as highlighted here. 01:59: Here, we will select the action of "Update this record", and select the values that will be updated when the action is triggered. 02:10: For the outcome of the action, we will leave the default option of showing a confirmation message which will appear in the Live App when the action link is clicked. After customizing the Column Properties to our needs, we can then select "Save". 02:28: The action link column will automatically be applied as the last row in the grid view, but can be dragged and dropped into a new position if desired. Now, to preview this action link in the Live App, we will select the "Preview" button shown highlighted. 02:46: From here, we can select the action link to test it out and ensure it performs the action desired. For this example, event managers of this app can now easily approve pending events from this page with the action link implemented. 03:03: This guide demonstrated how to add an action link to a grid view facilitating efficient action management. Thank you for watching!

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