How to Copy a Table's Fields

Quickly learn how to copy a table's fields into a new or existing table by watching this short tutorial.

00:01: This guide will walk you through the process of copying a table's fields in Knack. 00:09: First, select the drop-down arrow icon to the right of the table's name. 00:17: Then, select the option to copy. 00:23: From here, you will have the option to copy the fields from the table to create a new table or to copy the fields to an existing table. For this example, we want to create a new table of featured products that will include the fields that are in the Items table. 00:43: In the input field, we will enter in the name of the new table and then select "Continue". 00:52: Now, we can select the fields from the Items table that we would like to copy into the new Featured Products table. 01:03: After selecting the fields with the checkboxes, we'll select "Copy". 01:11: We can see now that the Featured Products table is now created and available to select in the Tables list. To view the fields that were copied into the new table, we'll select the Fields view at the top. 01:26: Here, we can see all the fields that we selected to copy from the Items table. Should any validation rules or conditional rules have been implemented for these fields within the Items table, they will be replicated and enforced upon the corresponding fields within the newly created table. 01:46: This guide covered the detailed steps to copy a table's fields in Knack. Thank you for watching!

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