How to Update Your Table's Settings

Watch an instructional guide to quickly learn how to update the settings of your data table.

00:01: In this guide, I will share the process of updating your data tables' settings. 00:09: To access the table settings, select the drop-down arrow icon to the right of the table's name in either of these locations. 00:19: From the drop-down menu, select "Settings". 00:25: Let's examine each setting and how it can impact your data presentation. Starting with the table's name, you have the flexibility to change the name of your data table to ensure clear and effective identification of your data. Ensuring the table name is clear and concise is essential for easy identification by other Builders working with your data. 00:48: Moving on to the display field, to put it simply, the display field is a single field used to identify a record. By default, the display field will be the first field listed in the table's Fields View. This field is used throughout the application when these records are displayed in connection fields for this table. We suggest avoiding using auto increment fields as they may not be as easily identifiable by their numerical codes. This ensures that the display field is easily recognizable to facilitate quick identification. 01:27: Next, let's take a look at the sort order. This option allows you to select the field that will be used to determine the sort order of the displayed records in the Builder and for drop-downs used with the table in a connection field. Please note this sort order does not apply to the records displayed in a view. Depending on the field type you select from the drop-down, you will have different options to choose from on the right. 01:54: After making your changes to the settings, you can then select "Save Changes". 02:02: This guide gave a brief overview of how to update your tables' settings and what each option entails. Thank you for watching!

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