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Data Locations

Here, you can find detailed information about Knack's data locations, including the availability of data locations in different regions.

This article covers the following topics:


What are data locations?

A data location refers to the regional location of the AWS server where your Knack app is hosted. Every app is assigned a data location based on your location when the app is created.

Note: Each app's data fully exists in the data location where the app is hosted.  This means that all aspects of the app, such as file storage, records, and backups, stay within the data location.


What data locations are available?

Currently, Knack has data locations in:

  • Virginia, United States

  • Oregon, United States

    • HIPAA/GovCloud apps only - available with Knack Enterprise or HIPAA private servers.

  • Frankfurt, Germany

  • Sydney, Australia


Where can I see my app's data location?

You can find your app's data location listed in the Settings > App Settings section of the Builder under the "Info" tab:



Can I pick my app's data location?

The data location for your app is determined by your geographic location at the time of app creation.

For example, if you travel for work and make one app while you are in the United States and another app while you are in Germany, each of those apps will have data locations closest to where the app was created.


Can I change my app's data location?

Yes, in most cases, if you would like to change your app’s data location, you can request a migration by reaching out to Knack support.

If you are specifically looking to move your app to the EU for regulatory reasons, you can request to migrate to EU servers by reaching out to our support team as well.