How does Knack work on mobile devices? Is it mobile-friendly? Can users download my apps?

Danielle Kellogg Updated by Danielle Kellogg

Knack is designed to work well with phones and mobile devices.

Knack apps are responsive, which means they will resize depending on the device being used to view the app. 

While Knack apps can’t be downloaded from an app store, they can be accessed via a web browser on any sized device.

Knack apps are also built to leverage mobile features. This includes image uploads using your mobile camera, geolocation, and signatures on a touchscreen.

There are ways to convert your app into an app that can be added to app stores.

Click here to read more about using Knack on mobile devices and converting apps for an app store.

The Knack builder isn't designed to be used on mobile devices. 

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