Create with AI

Find a brief overview of the new Create with AI preview feature for Knack app creation here.

Note: This feature is currently in Preview with a subset of new users. There may be functionality gaps and changes before its general availability release to all new and existing users.


What is the new Create with AI feature?

With just a brief description of your app requirements, this cutting-edge functionality generates an application, complete with structured data tables, pages, and views. This feature enables you to develop your ideal apps faster and more efficiently, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort. 🚀



How do I access the new AI feature?

To create an app with this new feature, you can find the option after selecting the "Create New App" button from the Knack Dashboard:


After selecting the "Create with AI" option, you will be prompted to provide a brief description of your ideal app in under 400 characters. If you need some inspiration, you also have the option to select "Suggest A Prompt" on the right-hand side of the pop-up window.

There are a handful of prompts that are available for you to cycle through with each click of the button:


Once you click the "Create" button, you will then be directed to the loading screen while the app is being generated for you:


After your request has been processed, you will be directed to a preview of your Live App. A pop-up window will then appear, giving you access to detailed information about the structure of your app.



Live App Preview

To begin previewing the Live App pages that have been generated for you, simply click on "See App" as seen in the image above. From there, you will have the option to switch between desktop, tablet, and mobile views to preview how your Live App pages will appear on different devices:


To continue building your new app, click on the "Stop Preview" button located in the top right-hand corner. You will then be directed to the Pages section of the Builder.

From there, if you wish to preview the look and feel of your Live App pages again, you can select the "Preview" button on the top right-hand corner of the Builder while you are in the Pages section.



What to Expect

Behind the scenes, Knack leverages the best-in-class OpenAI services to generate your app basics based on the prompt the user provides. Click here to learn more about OpenAI. 

Currently, there are several partially supported app aspects that can be generated by AI: Tables, Fields, Connections, Pages, Grid views, and Form views. Adding to these partially supported app aspects and supporting other app aspects based on customer feedback will be the focus of the future.


If you have any questions about this feature or experience any issues, please reach out to our support team. You can submit a support ticket with our team via this form.