Feature Request and Release Notes Update!

Learn more about Knack's new feature requests and release notes tool in this article.

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We're excited to share that we have launched a new way for our users to submit feature requests, vote on existing requests, and communicate with other Knacksters about requests! But, wait there's more- we also have a new way of sharing release notes including new feature updates, bug fixes, and product improvements and enhancements! 

This will allow our users to have a better experience engaging with other Knack users and will improve our processes internally to better hear from our customers. 🎉 

See our introductory video on how to use our new tool here:

00:01: Here's an overview of how to create a new feature requests or enhancement for Knack and how to stay updated with the latest release notes using our new collaborative approach. 00:15: Let's go over how to log in and set up your profile and notifications. 00:22: Let's head over to product knack.com. Anyone is free to take a look at Knack's feature requests and release notes and in order to post an idea or add a comment or upvote an existing idea, you'll need to log in. 00:41: Up to log in click on the profile icon or click create a post and enter your email. 00:50: You'll be sent to four digit verification code to that email. You don't have to create and remember a new password to use and you'll stay logged into the app, even if you close your browser. 01:02: Up now that you're logged in click on your profile icon to set up your notification preferences and upload a profile picture. You can also log out here or delete your account select save to save your settings. 01:18: If you come across an existing idea or feature requests that resonates with your needs and how you use Knack we encourage you to participate by uploading clicking on the up arrow above the number next to the idea. Your upvote is more than just a click. It's a tool that can help influence the direction of next development. It can play an important role in next product management process and several ways, serving as a direct indicator of demand for prioritization a more user-centric development approach, and it also encourages further feedback and discussion from the entire community. 01:58: Now, let's go over how to create your own post. 02:03: Give your post a short and concise title. 02:08: The best feature requests include a clear user story with an example that highlights a business or user need. Keep your post concise and focused on one idea only and explain why it's important to you or your business. If there's an existing request, that matches your idea add your thoughts to that one, instead of creating a new post. There are several formatting options available and you can preview your post by clicking on the icon. 02:39: We'll try to automatically find a matching post as your typing. 02:44: Before submitting your post, please select a category right now. We're just starting with features to keep it simple. 02:51: Navigate to the "FEATURE" section 02:55: Here you can also set a priority level this transforms your feedback into a weighted metric offering a deeper layer of insight for the neck team. 03:05: Click on "Nice to have" 03:07: Up, you can also tag your post with the area or functionality it pertains to. 03:13: Select the "Charts/Reports" option 03:15: Submit your post when you're ready. 03:19: If you found a post that matches the one you're writing about just click on it. 03:26: You'll be redirected to the comments area of the original post. You can write your idea in as a comment, giving both ideas more weight. 03:36: Enter "I'll write my duplicate idea as a comment in the original post! " in the provided field 03:39: Up. Click the send icon to save your comment. 03:43: In the comments section, you can use the at symbol and start typing in the name to tag others including the original poster or even a set neck. 03:53: Enter the desired text. 03:55: Click on the "Feedback" field 04:00: The more you interact through voting, posting, commenting, and prioritizing, the more data we gather on how to improve Knack. This continuous loop of feedback and enhancements means that Knack can always be evolving and getting better and will always be focused on delivering what's most valuable to you. 04:23: To see naxalite is really notes head to product.not. 04:30: He'll be able to see what we've recently released as well as give us feedback on the release. 04:36: Submit your feedback. 04:39: Provide your feedback. 04:42: Select this field 04:48: Our new release notes approach is designed to make stained up to date with the latest features improvements and fixes. Not just easier but also more engaging the ability to communicate directly with us contributes to our continuous efforts for improvement.

Note:  The community forum will continue to have past feature requests to view along with topic replies.

The forum remains a valuable resource for:

  • Viewing announcements from our team
  • General discussion topics
  • Getting help from fellow Knack customers and Knack-vetted experts
  • Learning tips from others
  • Sharing how you've leveraged custom code solutions and integrations in your apps
  • Knack 101: a one-stop shop for all things beginner-friendly 


What is the reason behind this change?

In essence, our goal was to enhance the way we gather feedback and communicate release updates with our valued customers. Acknowledging the limitations of our current community forum for these crucial tasks, we set out on a mission to elevate your overall experience.

By embracing this new tool, you will unlock a variety of benefits including:

  • Tailored Notifications: Stay informed by subscribing to feedback posts (a.k.a. feature requests) and receiving timely email updates whenever there's a change in status or new comments on your posts.

  • Community Engagement: Forge more meaningful connections and exchange insights with fellow users, fostering a dynamic environment of knowledge-sharing and camaraderie.

  • Streamlined Processes: Internally, our teams are equipped with streamlined processes for handling feature requests and feedback, ensuring that every valuable insight is meticulously considered and actioned upon.

  • Improved Release Note Delivery: With the changelog, you will receive detailed updates on Knack enhancements, new features, and bug fixes. 

  • Avoid Duplicate Feedback Posts: The new tool automatically identifies posts with similar titles and content to your post creation, enabling you to choose existing feedback posts to upvote and reply to instead of creating duplicates. This feature will greatly improve our ability to effectively manage feedback internally. 


How do I register to create new posts with the new tool?

First, head over to product.knack.com 🚀

For existing customers that have created a topic in the community forum, your username has been uploaded to the new tool, however, you will still need to input your email address and verification code as shown in the video below. 

For new users, you will need to input your email address and an email from knack@mail.sleekplan.com with a 4-digit code will be sent to you to be used for verification.

See the guide below for details on this process:


Here is a preview of what the email will look like:



Where do I view the release notes and existing feedback posts?

To view the feedback posts (a.k.a. feature requests) and the release notes, select the "Feedback" and "Release Notes" options found here:


Filtering Feedback and Release Note Posts

You can filter the feedback posts by selecting the options from the right column: 



You can also filter Release Notes posts by different category types:

  • Change

  • New

  • Improvement

  • Fix


How do I create a new feedback post?

To create new posts, simply select the "Create a Post" option to the right of the search bar:


Tip:  Check the list to the right of your title to see if a similar post exists. You can click on those posts to reply or upvote instead of creating a duplicate post.



How do I vote on existing feedback posts?

To vote on an existing feedback post, simply select the up arrow above the vote count:



How do I comment on feedback posts?

To add a comment to a feedback post, click on the post you wish to comment on and type your comment in the provided text box:



How do I subscribe for updates on feedback posts?

To subscribe to existing feedback posts, select the post and click the "Subscribe" option seen below the body's text:



How do I manage my notifications for subscriptions and other updates?

To toggle on or off notification updates, select the user icon on the top right of the page to view your account information and notification preferences:



Additional Notes

  • Requests previously made in the community forum have been integrated into this tool, provided they have not yet been implemented and are still under consideration. Users from the forum will see their forum username associated with these existing requests.

  • Unfortunately, we were unable to include replies to posts from the community forum in our new tool. However, discussions in threads can still be accessed and viewed at forums.knack.com.

  • To promote the use of our new tool, we have disabled the option to create new topics and replies in the Feature Requests category within the community forum.

  • Moving forward, all release notes will be exclusively shared through our new tool.