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Using Mailchimp

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You can send group or bulk emails by integrating your Knack app with Mailchimp using Zapier.

Why integrate with Mailchimp?

Knack is not designed for handling group or bulk emails well. Successful group emails require additional features like unsubscribe links, spam prevention, delivery maximization, to ensure proper delivery. Integrating Knack with a service like Mailchimp is a great way to leverage your Knack emails.

Import Knack Records Directly to a Mailchimp Mailing List

This solution allows you to export your records and import them directly to a Mailchimp Mailing List. You can use Knack Fields as merge fields in your email newsletters.

Export Your Knack Records

Mailchimp requires your records to be in CSV or TXT format.

You can follow this guide to learn how to export your records properly: How to export your records. Any fields included in your export will be mappable to a Mailchimp Mailing List column.

Select a Mailchimp Mailing List

Select a Mailing List, click on the settings dropdown on the right and select the Import setting

Select Your CSV File

Select the option to Import for a CSV or TXT file. For this example, we will use a CSV import

Match Your Columns

Match your Knack fields to a List column. You can use the values in your records as merge fields in your campaign emails

Create New Columns

If the Knack field doesn't exist as a Column yet, you can add a new one:

Complete your import

If you don't want to use the Knack field, you can Skip the field. Once you've mapped all your fields you can Complete Import

Integrate With Zapier

What if you want to automate the process even further and have your Subscribers added as soon as you add them in Knack? We can use a Zapier recipe to make this process seamless without adding a single line of code.

Choose a Trigger App and Trigger

Start by selecting the Knack app.

Then select New Record from the list of Triggers.

Select Your Knack Account or Connect It

Select your Knack account. If you haven't already added your Knack account, you'll be given the option to do so by logging in with your Knack credentials. Press the Test button to confirm the account is working properly.

Select a Knack Object

Zapier will list all of your App's objects. Select the Object you wish to use. In this example, we are using the object "Users."

(Note: The trigger will run for any Form views for the 'Users' object. This does not trigger on Record Rules, Tasks, Imports, etc.)


Test Your Trigger

Press the Fetch & Continue button to confirm the trigger is working properly.

Add Filters

Before moving on to create your Action, you can add multiple filters to the trigger to only allow specific records to trigger the action. You can do this by clicking on the plus sign in the left-hand menu and selecting the Filter option.


For example you may only want 'Approved' contacts to be added to our list. So choose your field, a condition, and a value.


Choose an Action App and Action

Now you'll start setting up your Action by selecting the Mailchimp app.

Select Add/Update Subscriber from the list of Actions.

Select Your Mailchimp Account or Connect It

Select your Mailchimp account. If you haven't already added your Mailchimp account, you'll be given the option to do so by logging in with your Mailchimp credentials. Press the Test button to confirm the account is working properly.


Match Your Fields

Choose an existing mailing List, then match a Knack field to the Email field. You can also match additional optional fields and include them in your Mailchimp template.

What happens if the Contact you're adding already exists in your Mailchimp list?! Thankfully, Zapier has an option to Update Existing subscribers. This comes in handy when you want to simply update the other optional values to send an up-to-date email.


Test Your Action

Press the Create & Continue button to confirm the Action is working properly. Once successful, click on the Finish button.

Name Your Zap and Turn It On

Now it's time to name this baby and turn it on!


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