I'm getting an error when importing. What do I do?

There are two import errors that can pop up sometimes for users:

  • Error: Number of columns is inconsistent at line {line number}

  • Error: Invalid opening quote at line {line number}

Both can typically be fixed by recreating the import file within a Google Sheet and exporting it via CSV. This helps with any underlying formatting issues that were causing the errors.

If recreating the import file through Google Sheets doesn't get rid of the error, we are happy to help troubleshoot this with you! To get started, we will need the following information:

  • A link to the table where you're importing the file

  • A sample copy of the file you're importing that includes the line mentioned in the error

Send that information to support@knack.com or open a ticket via our service hub, and we'll take a look at what is causing this error.