Custom Domains

This article will provide comprehensive information on using a custom domain.

This article covers the following topics:


Custom domains can be used as an alternative if you don't have a website to embed your app into but still want a custom domain to point directly to the app.

A custom domain is not specific to one app. You would be able to access any of your apps with that domain simply by including the app name after the custom domain in the URL.

Note: Custom Domains are not available to accounts in the trial period and are only available on Plus or Enterprise plans. See our pricing page to learn more.


Deciding on a Domain

Before you request a custom domain, know what the domain is you are going to use. Keep in mind that some domains may not work.

  1. If you have an existing website at, you can't use that domain for Knack, or the website will no longer function.

  2. With Knack, you must register a subdomain in all cases. You cannot use a root domain such as by itself for your Knack custom domain. DNS systems typically don't allow CNAME records for root domains. Rather, you'll use a subdomain such as, The subdomain is okay as long as you don't have an active website at


Requesting a Custom Domain

To request a custom domain, you can submit a request to support either in the messenger in the Builder or by submitting this form. Once we've received the request and responded, you'll be able to proceed to the DNS change.

The DNS change can take 24-48 hours.


Updating Your DNS Settings

Note: It is important that you have received confirmation that your custom domain has been attached to your account before proceeding with this step.

The final step is to change or add a DNS CNAME record for your domain. You'll need to have access or know who has access, to make DNS changes for your domain.

The CNAME record should point to It also is helpful to be knowledgeable about DNS.

Please allow a few hours for propagation to occur.

Setting Up the CNAME

  1. Login to your hosting provider and edit the DNS settings for the domain you’ll be configuring to work with Knack.

  2. Create a new CNAME record with the Host value set to what you’d like to use for your subdomain. For example, if you want your Knack App to be accessed via you would enter "portal" as the Host value

  3. Point the record to our subdomain:

  4. Save your work.

  • Host Record: This is the domain or subdomain you wish to use.

  • Points to: This is the destination server that the domain or subdomain is sending the traffic to.

  • TTL: The "time to live" value indicates the amount of time the record is cached by a DNS Server, such as your Internet service provider. The default (and lowest accepted) value is 14,400 seconds (4 hours).

    • You generally do not need to modify this value.


How Your Custom Domain Will Look

We are able to pre-set what account goes with your domain, but there isn't a way to automatically default an app. This means you'll need to include the app name in the URL for anybody to access it.

Without the app name, you'll see a login for the builder.

For example, when directing your users to your app, it will look like:


SSL Certificates

At this time, SSL is not automatically included when using a custom domain. That means that when trying to access your Live App using HTTPS and the custom domain, some browsers might show the page as insecure.

While all the data being transmitted is still encrypted by Knack, the URL shown in the end-user's browser won't show HTTPS. It will also show up in Chrome as "Not Secure" or in Firefox as "This connection is not secure" since there isn't an SSL certificate being used for your domain.

If you require a custom SSL, you'll want to look at embedding your app into a site where you can install your secure certificate.

Use Your Own SSL Certificate

If you'd like to use your own SSL certificate, we suggest embedding your app with a web host that allows the purchase and installing a certificate. This is especially important to note for our EU customers needing to comply with GDPR.

Request an SSL Certificate

Knack currently has a limited number of SSL certificates available and we may be able to accommodate SSL for your custom domain.

Please contact our support team for more information via the chat widget in the Builder or by submitting this form.