October 2023

Recent Updates

Field Validation

We are excited to announce field validation for number and currency fields in both the builder and the Live App. When entering data into number or currency fields, the system will now check to ensure the input is a number. If non-numerical text is entered (besides formatting, such as a decimal or comma), a clear message will appear informing users to input a numerical value instead. This update should enhance the accuracy of your data and create a better experience for your users.


Modals close if you click outside of them before completing your intended action. We know this is frustrating for many of you.

Based on your feedback, we have implemented a setting so modals will remain open until you manually close them. This means you can take as much time as you need within a modal without worrying about it disappearing if you mis-click. The modal will stay open and accessible until you click the close button after completing your task.

This is a new setting that can be enabled under Page Settings, including User Pages. By default, this setting is not enabled.

Modal Action

Dashboard Dark Mode

We're excited to roll out Dark Mode for the Knack Dashboard. This provides an alternative dark theme to reduce eye strain and fatigue, and we're working on introducing it in other areas.

Dark Mode delivers a stylish dark background with a clean, optimized interface. All dashboard elements including menus, buttons, and text have been designed to provide maximum clarity and readability.

To enable Dark Mode:

  • Click your profile icon in the bottom right of the dashboard (dashboard.knack.com)
  • Select "Dark Mode" under Appearance


Rich Text: Previously, any <DIV> tags were converted to <p> tags when editing the HTML source. We've now fixed this issue so <DIV> tags will remain intact while editing.

CSV / Excel Import: We've resolved an issue that was causing an extra empty field to be created when importing a CSV or Excel file to create a new table.

Display Rules: Setting display rules on grid columns based on Connection fields. Previously, this caused all other columns in the grid to disappear unexpectedly. The grid will now display properly when applying a display rule referencing a Connection field.