How to Display More than 100 Records in Record Views

In this article, we provide steps to display more than 100 records in record views.

While there is no native feature to display more than 100 records on a view, there is a workaround that allows you to showcase a larger number of records. Unfortunately, there is no other method to achieve this without linking to a new page.

Note: 1,000 records is the maximum number of records that can be displayed on a view at a time with this workaround.


Workaround Setup

To implement this workaround, follow these steps. In this example, we will be using a Grid view:

1. Create a grid that displays the records you want to showcase. The number of records displayed is not important.

2. Add a Menu to the page where you want users to access the view with more records.

3. In the Menu, include a new link that "Links to a URL."

4. Modify the URL of the original page with the grid to accommodate the higher record count. For instance, suppose the URL for your main Products page is:

To display 1,000 records at a time, append the following to the above URL:


Make sure to replace the red view IDs with the view ID for the grid that displays the records. Additionally, replace the number after "page=" with "1000" to show 1,000 records.

Here is the final URL:

Now, when users click the link on the Menu, they will be directed to a page that displays 1,000 records at a time.

Tip: If you're not sure how to find the view ID, click here to find out how.