How do I batch download all of the images and files in my app?

In this article, find general information on how exporting your records in Knack and/or utilizing a couple of third party services can allow you to save all of your files.

Currently, there is no available option to download files or images in batches from the database. However, if you need a quick method to save all files, you can try exporting the records.

By exporting a file field, you will receive the URL for the file's location on our server. You can then add these links to a Download Manager or similar tool to efficiently manage and facilitate the downloads for you.

Additionally, you have the option to utilize the Image Sniffer tool, which is included with the Download Manager extension. This tool allows you to automatically detect and download all images on a page when viewing a listing of your images.

However, it is important to note that our testing has indicated that files download in an HTML format, so this tool may not be suitable for files.

Tip: Check out this article for more information on exporting records.