Customize Views

How to Add a Map to a Details View

Scenario. It’s great to have a map that displays multiple locations that your users can search through. But what happens once they click on a location to see more information? They’ll get a details p…

Danielle Kellogg
Updated 5 months ago by Danielle Kellogg

How to Add Connection Links to Views

Scenario. Users can get frustrated and use your app less if getting the information they need requires too much jumping around. They want it to be as easy as possible to get what they need and then c…

Danielle Kellogg
Updated 1 year ago by Danielle Kellogg

How to Add Inline Editing to a Table

Scenario. Inline editing allows users to edit fields directly from a table, without using a form. So instead of jumping between edit forms to update different records, all changes can be made from th…

Sarto Jama
Updated 6 months ago by Sarto Jama

Create a Print-Friendly Invoice Page

Scenario. You want to create a print-friendly invoicing page in your app. This page will include your company logo and billing information, customer information, and order details. In this guide, we…

Danielle Kellogg
Updated 6 months ago by Danielle Kellogg

How to Click on an Image to Go to Another Page

Scenario. Knack makes it possible for you to show summaries of your data by using a list or a table view. When a record has quite a few fields, you can add a link to direct users to another page for…

Sarto Jama
Updated 1 year ago by Sarto Jama

How to Add Groupings to a Table

Scenario. Tables are an excellent way to display information in your Knack apps. Especially since they offer many features to further organize your data for easy understanding. For example, let's say…

Sarto Jama
Updated 5 months ago by Sarto Jama