CSV Format Guide for Importing

Before you start the import, here is an overview to make sure your spreadsheet is optimized for importing. Save as.CSV. The only format that is currently accepted for importing is CSV. CSV stands for…

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Delete Records

You can delete records from your app from both the Knack Builder or directly from your Live App. In the Builder, you can manually select specific records to delete, run a batch delete or clear all re…

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Import Records

Knack makes it possible to import records into your database from a spreadsheet. You can use this import process to both create new objects and to insert or update records to existing objects. Curren…

Sarto Jama
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Export Records

You can export your records into multiple formats from both the Builder and your Live App. When exporting, you have three format options: CSV : CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and is the most c…

Ro Chittick
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Importing Connections

This article will discuss importing connections between objects. You can use an import to create connections to other records. When you import records into an existing object, you can choose which fi…

Sarto Jama
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Working with Records

About Records. In Knack, your data is stored in objects as records which are then composed of fields. You can think of this like a spreadsheet, where an object is a single spreadsheet, your fields ar…

Danielle Kellogg
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Batch Updates

This article will discuss how to update multiple records at once from the Knack Builder. What is a Batch Update. Batch updates allow you to update multiple records at once based on set criteria from…

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