Tasks & Emails

Send Emails

What are Emails? Adding email alerts to your Knack apps is a great way to automate your workflow and keep your users up-to-date with reminders and notifications. In this article, we will walk you thr…

Sarto Jama
Updated 5 months ago by Sarto Jama

Scheduled Tasks

What are Scheduled Tasks? Tasks are automated actions that can be applied to a defined set of records on a scheduled basis (daily/weekly/monthly). These actions can drive your app’s workflow in power…

Sarto Jama
Updated 2 months ago by Sarto Jama

Understanding the Email History

What is the Email History? Knack keeps track of every email sent through your form views and scheduled tasks. This is useful for confirming that your recipients have received the email, troubleshooti…

Danielle Kellogg
Updated 2 years ago by Danielle Kellogg