Managing Your Records

This article will guide you through the process of adding and deleting records directly from the Knack Builder, as well as provide information about the record history feature.

Adding and deleting records in your database is made incredibly easy with Knack. Regardless of whether you choose to add records individually using the Knack Builder or delete them from the Builder, Knack provides a hassle-free experience.

Record history is a valuable feature that allows you to easily track the creation and updates of records. In this article, will provide information on how to utilize the record history tool.

This article covers the following topics:


Adding Records

To add a records individually in the Builder, simply click on the "Add Record" button located in the Records toolbar. This action will prompt a form to appear where you can input the details of the new record.

Tip: You can also add records by importing data from .CSV, .XLS, and .XLSX files. See our article here on importing records. 



Deleting Records

To remove an individual record directly from the Builder, begin by selecting the checkbox of the record(s) you would like to delete. The Records toolbar will then update and display a "Delete" button that you can select to delete any selected records from your table.


A confirmation pop-up will be displayed to ensure your deletion of the record(s) is confirmed:


Caution: Please note that if you delete a record, it will be permanently removed from the database.



Record History

To gain insights into the creation and updates of your records, you can rely on the record history feature. Easily access the record history of any specific record by selecting the icon to the left of the record, next to the pen icon:



Starting on 2023-10-12, it is required to enable the record history setting in the app settings to have access to the record history for any new apps created going forward. Starting from the specified date, record history is disabled by default for any new apps created.


In the record history, you can easily access the source of each log, the action with a link to the version detail, the date of the update, the email address of the user who updated the record, and their IP address. Field values highlighted in blue indicate the specific updates made to the record.