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Other Customization Options

In this article, you can learn how you can customize and extend the functionality and design of your Knack apps.

You can customize and extend the functionality and design of your Knack apps by integrating your apps with other third-party apps using the API, adding custom code, and embedding your app in your website for greater control of the look and feel of your app.


Would you like to extend the functionality of your app? You can integrate with third party apps as well as use our API to build custom integrations.

Third Party Apps

You can integrate or connect your Knack apps with third-party apps using Zapier or Make (formerly Integromat). This will allow you to do things like send your data to other services or create records within Knack based on actions in other apps used in your workflow.

Tip:  To learn more about our available integration partners with Knack, see our page here. 

Knack API

You can use the Knack API to create, receive, update or delete records, as well as create custom integrations with third-party apps. You can learn more about using the API, as well as view API code examples in the API section of our Developers Docs.

Using Custom Code

If you are a developer or have access to a developer, you can extend the functionality and design of your app using custom code. Knack's Developers Docs provide details as well as code examples for using the API or adding custom CSS and Javascript to your Knack apps.


Click here to learn more about using jQuery and JavaScript in your Knack apps, and here to learn more about adding custom CSS.


If you already have website, each Knack app supports embedding, meaning you can add a page of your app into your own website. This will allow you to have greater control of the look and feel of your Knack app. Embedded apps will "adopt" the style of your website.


Tip: You can learn more about embedding your Knack apps, as well as other CMS considerations, in our Embedding Your App article.


Expert Network

If you would like help building your app, adding custom code to your app, or extending the functionality of your app using the API, you can connect with an experienced Knack expert using our Expert Network.

Whether it is building the app from start to finish or just extending the functionality or design of your Knack apps, projects of any size can be submitted. You can search for Knack vetted experts by project type and budget to help.

You can learn more about our Expert Network here.