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How do I find the most recent date from a connected object?

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If you want to see the most recent order date or the last time a tenant paid for rent, you can calculate the most recent or latest date from a connected object using a Maximum formula.

Objects & Date

Before we go through the steps, you'll need to have at least two connected objects and a date field in the child object. For example, you may have Customers connected to Orders and the date field is in the Orders object.

For more information on how formula fields work, take a look at this article: Formulas.

Calculate Most Recent Date

1. In the child object (in this example the Orders object), add a new Equation field. 

2. Update the Equation settings as follows:

  • Equation Type: Date

The Equation should only include the date field.

This converts the date into a numeric value that can be used by a Max formula.

Formulas can only work with numbers, not dates.

3. In the parent object (in this example the Customers object), add a new Max formula field to track the most recent date.

4. Set the "Field to max" to the equation field you created in the child object.

 5. In the parent object (in this example the Customers object), add a new equation field. This field will convert the Most Recent Date field back to a date value.

  • Equation Type: Date
  • Date Type: hours
  • Result Type: Date

That's it! Now you will have a field that shows the most recent connected date.

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