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Integrate with Formstack Documents

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What is Formstack Documents?

Formstack Documents (previously Webmerge) is a document automation service that can dynamically generate documents like Word, Excel or PDFs using data you provide. 

While it is possible to print Live App pages as PDFs from Knack, Formstack Documents allows for advanced document creation with other file types and advanced options.

Formstack Documents is not an officially supported Knack integration, so while many of our customers have reported success integrating, our support team is unable to assist in setup or troubleshooting.

What can you do with Formstack Documents?

Integrating with Formstack Documents allows you to automatically generate documents using records in your app or send documents to Knack. 

For example, you can generate a contract based on client records in your app. Or generate a new invoice based on a customer’s order in your app.  

How to Integrate with Formstack Documents with Knack?

You can integrate with Formstack Documents in two ways, with an automation tool like Zapier or Integromat or by integrating directly using the API and Javascript. 

Connect with Zapier or Integromat

Both Zapier and Integromat are third party integrations that allow you to connect Knack with other third party services like Formstack Documents to automate processes. 

You can read more about these integrations here:

Connect with the API

Formstack Documents can be integrated with Knack using the Knack API and custom code. This requires adding custom code to your app which targets specific tables, views and fields within your app to use when generating documents.

Documentation on setting up Formstack with Knack can be found here, including code examples.

You can read more on using the custom code, the API and locating your App ID and API Key in our developer documentation here

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