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Integrate with Make (formerly Integromat)

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What is Make?

Make is a third party automation tool that allows you to connect Knack to other third party services. With Make, you build simple automations for repetitive tasks that move your data from one app to another or trigger events in other apps automatically.

Make is not an officially supported Knack integration, so while many of our customers have reported success integrating, our support team is unable to assist in setup or troubleshooting.

What can you do with an Make Integration?

Need to send a Slack message when a new record is created in Knack? No problem. You can even move data into your Knack app. For example, you can create a new record in Knack when a new bank transfer is added in Xero. 

What services are available to connect with?

Make offers integrations to hundreds of other services. You can find and search a full list of services to connect with here.

Some popular services to connect Knack with are:

  • Google Sheets
  • Slack
  • Mailchimp
  • Twilio
  • Dropbox
  • Xero

How does Make work?

Make uses scenarios composed of modules to connect between different services. Each scenario watches for a trigger which will initiate the scenario. Once the scenario is triggered it can perform a series of actions. 

For example, a new form submission in Knack can trigger the action to send a Slack message. 

What Knack Triggers and Actions are Available? 

Available Triggers

  • Watch records: triggered when a new record is created, updated or deleted. 
  • New events: triggers when a new record is added
These triggers only work with records created, updated and deleted in your Live App. These triggers will not be initiated by records created, updated or deleted in your Builder.

Unavailable Triggers

  • Records created on an object (via the Builder or with the API)
  • Records created via form record rules
  • Records created via "insert connected record" on an action link 

Available Actions

  • Create Record: Creates a new record
  • Delete Record: Delete a record specified by its ID
  • Get a Record: Returns details about a record specified by its ID
  • Update Record: Updates a record
  • Upload a File: Uploads a file or image
  • Make an API Call: Performs an arbitrary authorized API call
  • Search for Records: Searches for a record 

How to connect Make with Knack

You will first need to sign up for a Make account, before you can set up an integration with Make.

When setting up a scenario in Make, add Knack and then you will be able to set up a connection to your specific Knack app. 

You will be prompted to name your connection and add your Knack Application ID and API Key. You can find these in the API & Code section of the App Settings while in your Builder. 

If you are a private server customer, you will also need to use the advanced settings to add your custom private server domain.

Copy the Application ID and API key and paste them in the corresponding fields in the Make form and click “Continue”. You should now see your Knack connection in the list of available Knack accounts.

Working with Fields

Knack uses very specific field types to ensure maximum utility within your app. Field types tell Knack what type of data is stored in a field and how to use it. Some of these fields have multiple components, like name and address fields. For example, a name field can be split into first and last names.

When using Knack as a trigger you can choose to use the formatted value of these fields, or you can use the individual components.

When using a Scenario create a new Knack record you’ll have to fill in the individual components for these fields to ensure they are added to your app correctly.

For example, the “First” and “Last” names of a name field can be used when submitting to a service requiring separate name fields. If you need to submit a full name to a connected service, you can combine these fields.

When using the full field, it will follow the formatting parameters you’ve set for that field. For example, if your Name field uses the format “Last, First Middle”  then your trigger should submit the name in that order.

Files and Images

Files and images can be uploaded into Knack using the “Upload a File” action.

For example, this can be used with a service like Dropbox to store your images and files and upload them into your Knack app. The files will need to be mapped directly using the file name and data. 

Timer Fields

Timer fields are not available with the Make integration due to their from/to formatting.

Signature Fields

Signature fields .svg format are not available with the Make integration.

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