Can I add chat or messaging to my app?

In this article, we will share some suggestions on how to approach implementing chat or messaging to your Knack apps.

We have had customers who have successfully integrated third-party chat/messaging apps, as well as customers who have implemented their own in-app messaging functionality through Knack features.

If you are considering the third-party option, it is important to note that it will require custom code and the setup process may differ for each application. We highly recommend reaching out for support in our community forums, where fellow users have successfully integrated their apps and can provide valuable assistance.

To establish a messaging option using Knack features, the most common approach we observe from users is utilizing the Emails function in Forms to enable users to send messages with each other.

Customers have implemented various approaches to set up this messaging workflow, so it is advisable to begin with a simple setup and gradually enhance functionality and customization as the basic messaging becomes operational.