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Builder Security Settings for All Knack Plans

This article aims to inform users about the security settings offered in the Knack Builder for all Knack plans.

At Knack, we prioritize the security of your data, whether you have a HIPAA-compliant healthcare app with protected health information or a soccer logistics app containing contact information for coaches, parents, and players.

This article describes the Builder security settings in Knack which are included in all Knack plans. Our Live App Security Settings and Live App Security Settings: HIPAA Plans articles walk through additional Live App security settings.


We have implemented a policy that requires users logging into the Builder to create longer and more complex passwords. This measure greatly enhances the security of your app data as it significantly reduces the likelihood of password guessing.

If you happen to forget your Builder password and use the "forgot password" tool, please note that the new password will need to meet these requirements:

  • No common passwords

  • Minimum of 8-character password


Failed Logins

If a user attempts to log in to the Builder multiple times within a brief timeframe, they will be temporarily locked out. If your Builder login becomes locked, you will need to wait for 15 minutes or utilize the "forgot password" link to reset your password.

Note: This security feature is always enabled for the Builder.

In the event of a lockout, a notification email will be sent to the shared Builder account, informing them that their account has been temporarily locked due to multiple failed login attempts. To ensure your account's security, please reach out to Knack support immediately if this lockout was not initiated by you.

This setting does the following:

  • Lockout user after 3 failed attempts within a 5 minute time period.

  • Users are locked out for 15 minutes after the above-failed attempts.

Tip: If you have users enabled in your app, by going to Settings > User Logins, you will find more security settings available. See more information in our article here


Security Best Practices

Knack prides itself on providing a range of security options that you can use to ensure that private information is protected and secure. For more information on keeping your apps secure, check out our Security Best Practices.