Builder Security Settings for All Knack Plans

Here at Knack, we take the security of your data seriously, whether that be your HIPAA-compliant healthcare app that includes protected health information or your soccer logistics app with contact information of all your coaches, parents, and players.

This article describes the Builder security settings in Knack which are included in all Knack plans. Our "Live App Security Settings" and "Live App Security Settings: HIPAA Plans" articles walk through additional Live App security settings.


We've also implemented requiring longer and more complex passwords for users logging into the Builder. This helps to protect your app data as it's more difficult to guess a password.

Existing Builder passwords will remain, but upon using the “forgot password” tool, the new password must meet these requirements:

  • No common passwords
  • Minimum of 8-character password

Failed Logins

When a user tries to log in to the Builder too many times within a short period of time, they now will be locked out. If your Builder login becomes locked, you'll need to wait either 15 minutes or use the forgot? link to reset your password. This setting is always enabled.

Upon lockout, an email will be sent to the shared Builder stating, "For your security, we’re alerting you to the fact that your account has been locked out due to too many failed login attempts. If this was not you, please contact Knack support right away."

Settings are:

  • Lockout after 3 failed attempts within a 5-minute time period
  • Users are locked out for 15 minutes after the above-failed attempts

Security Best Practices

Knack prides itself on providing a range of security options that you can use to ensure that private information is protected and secure. For more information on keeping your apps secure, check out our Security Best Practices.