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Create a Single Login Page for Multiple User Roles

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Multiple different user roles interact with your app and you want all user roles to access the app from a single page.

For example, you have an app with Managers and Employees that each have pages specific to their user role. However, you want these users to both enter the app from a single "Welcome" page.


The following are requirements for implementing this recipe:

  1. Two or more user roles are established to use your app
  2. Page menu tabs are set to show based on the logged-in user’s role
  3. Separate login pages are in place for each user role


This recipe will use a “Welcome Page” (also sometimes called a "Home" page) where every user will login and access their global tabs:

  1. Add a new login page for all user roles
  2. Add a Rich Text view with welcome message

For this scenario, we are using a Project Management app in which has user roles for Admin, Project Managers and Employees.

Add a New Login Page for All User Roles

First, ensure you have two or more login pages established in the Pages section of the Builder.

Click the green "+" button and select the "Login Page" option from the dropdown.

This will prompt you to set up your new page by first defining which user roles have access. Select the "Give permission to all users" option and click "Continue".

Next, you will be prompted to name your new page, in this example we have named it "Welcome Page".

Add a Rich Text View With a Welcome Message

Now that you have defined which users can access your page and given your page a name, you will be able to add views to your new page. In this scenario we are adding a rich text view to display a welcome message and instructions for the user.

Choose the "Rich Text” view type from the left hand toolbox.

With the rich text view added to your app, open the view editor to add your welcome message.

In this new window, simply type the message you would like to display. Various formatting options are available.

After saving the changes to your rich text view, now you have finished the setup.

You can read more about managing rich text views here.

Login & Test

Now, view and test your new single page login.

Open the page in the Live App by clicking the open icon or clicking the "Go to Live App" option in the top navigation.

Login with the credentials for one of the user roles. Upon successful login, you should see the welcome message as well as any pages that the logged in user role has permission to access.

Optional Features

You can create a single landing page in your app that all users will access, then use Page Rules to direct these users to the appropriate page based on their user role.

To do so, create a single landing page in your app that all users can access and login to. Then, add a page rule to the page that will redirect users to different pages in your app based on their user role:

In the example above, you can see that once Admin log in, they'll be directed straight to a page where they can view their projects.

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