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Sharing Apps With Shared Builders

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This article will discuss Shared Builders, users with access to the Knack Builder, and how to add them to an app.

When working with shared builders, it is possible to unintentionally overwrite changes. We recommend being mindful of where other shared builders are working in the Builder. Read more here.

What is a Shared Builder?

A Shared Builder is a user that has access to the Knack Builder for an individual app. Each plan offers a certain number of shared builders allowed on an account. These Shared Builders are added to individual apps rather than an entire Knack account.

These users will be able to fully edit the app shared with them including adding, editing, and deleting elements from both the Data and Pages section of the Knack Builder. However, Shared Builders won't be able to access other apps or settings on your account, delete your app, or add new apps.

Each plan offers a certain number of shared builders allowed on an account which includes the account owner. Each email address added as a shared builder will be counted as a single shared builder. Note that you can add the same email address to multiple apps as a shared builder without it affecting your shared builder count (they will still count as 1 shared builder against your limit). You can read more about the shared builders and how many your plan allows here.

Adding Shared Builders

A Shared Builder can be added to an app by selecting More Options: Manage Builders in the Dashboard.

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Selecting "Manage Builders" will open a modal popup prompting for the First and Last Name and Email Address to share the app with.

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A confirmation message will appear upon success:

Once added, the Shared Builder will receive an email with a link to your app. If the Shared Builder does not have a Knack account, they will be prompted to set up a password to log into Knack.

Viewing and Removing Shared Builders

To view Shared Builders on an app, select "Manage Builders" from the More Options of an app in the Dashboard.

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This will open a modal popup where you can view, add, and remove Shared Builders.

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Notes & Troubleshooting

Overwriting Changes made in the Live App or Builder

If multiple users are making changes to your app, it is possible overwrite changes that other users have made both in the Knack Builder and in the Live App.

As such, we strongly encourage the following:

  • All Knack Builders have one browser window or tab open while working on data changes in the Builder. Otherwise if you, or another shared builder on that app, have an older version of the Data open and save changes there, it can overwrite the updates you just made.
  • In the Live App, we encourage creating a workflow or process to limit the number of users that might need to edit the same record at any one time.

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