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Combining Fields from Connected Records in Views

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When building your Live App, views have options to add fields from connected records without those fields being available directly in the source table. For example, if you have a grid view displaying Project records, you could add the Client Name field from the connected Client table.

Display Parent Value in Child View

For example, if you wanted to display all the Applications for every Job in a grid, we could include fields from the Job (Job Name and Date Posted) that each Application is connected to:


Any connected tables will be available in the "Connections" tab when adding fields to a view. This is what that looks like for adding connected fields as columns for a grid:

Display Child Values in Parent View

You could also do the reverse and display all Applicants connected to each Job:


With connected fields displayed this way, since we're on the "many" side of the connection and there could be many results tied to the one row in the grid, it's not possible to sort by this column in the grid. You'll see the column header is shown as disabled and is not clickable. 

You could then edit the connected field to choose how you want the connected values to be displayed using the Connection Separator setting: 

Display Multiple Fields from a Connected Record in One Field

Using a text formula, you can display multiple fields from a single record in a single field. This option is useful if you want to see multiple fields in a connection dropdown, such as on an ordering form. 

Connected Text Formula 3

This articles walks you through the process of setting this up: How to Show Multiple Fields in Your Connection Dropdown

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