How to Add or Remove Shared Builders

Watch our short instructional guide to learn how to add and remove shared builders from your apps.

00:02: Hi, learn how to add shared builders to your apps in this tutorial. A Shared Builder is a user who is granted access to the Knack Builder for a specific app or multiple apps. Shared Builders have full editing privileges for the app they're shared with, allowing them to add, edit, and delete elements within both the Data and Pages sections of the Knack Builder. They cannot access other unshared apps, tamper with your account settings, delete your app, or add new apps to your account. 00:36: To begin sharing the process of adding a shared builder to an app, we'll first start at your account Dashboard under "My Apps". Then, click on the ellipses icon to the right of the app's name and select "Manage Builders" from the dropdown. 00:54: A modal pop-up will appear allowing you to enter in the first name, last name, and email address of the shared builder. Once you've entered these details, select the "Add" button. 01:07: Once you've successfully added a shared builder to an app, you will see their details as highlighted here. To delete a shared builder and revoke their access, select the trash can icon to the right of their name. Please note that revoking their access here will only remove their access from this specific app and not any other apps they may have been granted access to. To revoke their access from all apps, you must remove them individually from each shared app. 01:40: Selecting the trash can icon will trigger a warning message as seen here which requires your confirmation by selecting the "Remove" button. 01:52: When the Shared Builder signs into Knack, they will find the apps that have been shared with them under the "Shared Apps" tab as highlighted here. 02:04: This guide covered how to add and remove shared builders from your apps. For more information about shared builders, please visit Knack's learning center and check out our article on Sharing Apps with Shared Builders. Thank you for watching!

Note: Shared builders are only an available feature with paid plans. See our pricing page to learn more: Pricing