How to Add SAML SSO Credentials

Learn how to add or edit SAML SSO credentials within your login views by watching our quick instructional guide.

00:05: Hi, due to our recent SAML SSO security change, I would like to share how to access your current SAML credentials to update them with your Identity Provider Certificate. To begin, you need to first navigate to the Pages section of your Builder. 00:25: Next, you'll need to navigate to a login view and select it to head to the view's Settings. 00:34: From here in the left toolbox select settings 00:40: Now in the left toolbox if you have already set up an SSO provider, you will find it here to edit. You can then select the pin icon to access the configured credentials. 00:54: In the Edit Credentials modal, you'll see the Identity Provider's certificate field as highlighted here. Once you've added your certificate, save your credentials at the bottom right of the modal. Updating credentials in one login view of your app applies the update to all other login views in the same app. This means you only need to update one login view per app with the certificate. 01:23: This guide covered how to update your SAML SSO Provider Credentials. Thank you for watching!

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