How to Create an App with AI

Quickly learn how to create an app with AI here in our short instructional guide.

00:01: Hi, in this video guide, I will go over how to create an app with AI. 00:09: To create a new app, you'll need to first sign into the Knack Dashboard. From here, you'll select the "Create New App" button, and then select "Start with AI". 00:21: A modal pop-up will appear where you can begin to enter the specifics of what you require from the app. You're allotted 400 characters in the text input field. For example, if you work in the education industry, you may want to create a course catalog and enrollment app. For this app, a report of all the courses with how many students are enrolled in each could be useful to you. To have that report created, simply input that request in the text input field and any other specifics that will aid in creating your app quickly and efficiently. For this video guide, I will choose the option of "Suggest a Prompt" which will provide you with example descriptions that could be used to generate an app. 01:11: Once you've finished describing your ideal app, select the "Create" button. 01:18: While your app is being created, you will be shown a loading screen. This may take up to a minute to complete. 01:25: Wait for the app creation process to finish. 01:26: Click on "Letting Knack weave its charm into every page and view of your app.This may take up to a minute." 01:27: Wait for the final touches to be added to your app. 01:28: Select the "Assembling the bits and pieces for your perfect app...This may take up to a minute." option 01:30: Choose the "Your vision… powered by Knack.This may take up to a minute." option 01:32: Once your app has been generated, you will be brought to a welcome modal that shares what tables have been created. To begin viewing the preview of your Live App, select "See App". 01:44: In the preview of your Live App, you can take a look at the pages that were generated for you. Once you're ready to head to the Builder to begin making modifications, select "Stop Preview". 01:55: Access the orders section in the app. 01:57: You will then be directed to the Pages section of the Builder. 02:03: After having a look at the pages and views that were created, you can head over to the Data section of the Builder to view the tables, fields, and sample data. Using the Start with AI feature is great for getting a head start on building out your app and should be treated as a suggestion of how your data structure and Live App could be created for your use case. 02:27: This guide covered how to create an app with AI. Thank you for watching!

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