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In this article, learn tips on effectively using the new Start with AI feature for app creation.

Check out our Build Your App with AI webpage to explore our interactive guide featuring this tool, along with examples of use cases and app ideas for AI.

This article covers the following topics:



We are excited to offer our AI App Builder feature, which enables you to describe your ideal app and it will generate a customized app tailored to your use case! By utilizing the AI App Builder feature, you can accelerate the development of your ideal apps with greater efficiency, ultimately saving you valuable time and effort. 🚀

Don't have time to meticulously create your required tables/fields/pages one by one manually? The AI App Builder is just for you!

Check out this quick how-to guide on how to create an app with AI:


Suggest a Prompt

The Suggest a Prompt option is a helpful tool for generating ideas on creating a prompt for the AI to use. It can also provide examples of the types of apps this feature can create.


Tip: With each click of "Suggest a Prompt", you will find different examples of how this tool can be used.


AI App Builder Capabilities

This feature is capable of automatically generating:


Note: Results may vary depending on what information you provide in your prompt. Details of specific view, field, and table requirements may not be applied to your app. 

We encourage our customers to explore the feature while keeping in mind the below limitations.



There are certain limitations to what the AI feature can implement in your app based on the prompt provided. Below are some example app customizations that the feature will not implement in your app if requested:

  • App Settings (Security, Map Provider, User Logins, E-Commerce, Embed, Live App Design, and API & Code)

  • Table, Field, & Page Settings

  • Field Validation & Conditional Rules

  • Record, Page, Email, Submit, & Display Rules

  • View Settings & Customizations

  • Tasks

Note:  Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and is shared to provide examples of what the feature will not produce.


Prompt Tips for the Best Results

When entering a prompt, you have a limit of 400 characters, so it's recommended to be as general and concise as you can when describing your app requirements.

Here are a few tips on using the prompt:

  • If you know that you will need specific tables to hold the data you will be importing, you can input the tables you need directly in the prompt. For example, you could input something like: "I have data on student, staff, class, and enrollment details".

  • You can also share what specific fields/field types you will need. For example, "Create a number field named "Class Year".
  • Sharing a general idea of what your role is and who will be using the app is suggested. If you have specifics on different user types for your app, you can share those details to allow the feature to create user roles for you. 

  • You can enter details about what you require in the Live App, such as reports, grids, and forms. 



If you have any questions about this feature or experience any issues, please reach out to our support team. You can submit a support ticket with our team via this form.



We welcome and greatly appreciate any feedback you have about the AI App Builder at product.knack.com