New! Importing Data from Google Sheets

This article will provide you with the necessary information on how to import data from Google Sheets into your Knack application.

You can now easily import data from Google Sheets into your Knack application! This allows you to leverage data you already have in Google Sheets without needing to export and reformat it.

Tip:  Check out our tour for importing data from Google Sheets. 🚀

How to Import Data Using Google Sheets

  1. In the Builder, add a new table, or navigate to the table you want to import data into. Select "By Import" if adding a new table, or if importing into an existing table, select the import option from the Records view.

    Then, you can select Google Sheets as the import source:googlesheets1

  2. You will be prompted to sign into your Google account. Enter or select the account containing the Google Sheet that you want to import. Please read and understand the data that will be accessed from Knack while signing into Google. After selecting what Knack can access, select "Continue".googlesheets2

  3. A list of your Google Sheets will then appear. Select the sheet you want to import data from:googlesheets3

  4. If the Google Sheet contains multiple tabs, you can choose which tab to import from. Furthermore, if the initial row of your data includes column headers, you have the option to specify this during this step of the process:googlesheets4

  5. In the Map Columns step, you can map the columns from your selected tab to the fields in your Knack table:googlesheets6

  6. Once mapped, select "Start Import" and the rows from the selected Google Sheet tab will be imported into the table. You can also set defaults for any empty or missing fields in your import here:googlesheets5

The data from your chosen Google Sheet tab will then be available in your Knack application. This will be a one-time import.

Note:  This will be a one-time import, data syncing with Google Sheets may be available in the future.


Notes & Troubleshooting

  • At this time, 250MB is the file size limit for any file type.

  • If you have images stored in your Google sheet, those images will not be imported into your table.

  • You can learn more here about mapping columns to fields.

  • Due to the differences between Google sheets and Knack formulas and syntax, formulas are not preserved on import, but the values are.

  • If you have any text/number formatting applied in your Google sheet, the formatting will not transfer over into Knack when importing.

    • Values in cells are imported. Cell formatting, such as bold, colors, and font formats are not imported.

  • If you have more than one Google sheet to import from a workbook (multiple tabs), you will need to import each of the sheets individually. Knack will only retrieve data from the sheet selected during the initial import:

import selections