Page Settings

In this article, we will cover a brief overview of the available options within page settings.

This article covers the following topics:


Every page created in the Builder offers customizable page settings that can be adjusted at any time. It is important to understand how these settings impact your pages within the Live App.


Tip: To learn more about pages, see our article here.


How can I access page settings?

You can find the page settings by clicking the down arrow icon to the right of the page's name and selecting "Settings":



Let's explore each of the available settings together:


The page's name is exactly what it sounds like. Here, you have the option to modify the page name to accurately reflect the content the page contains.

The page name will be displayed in the Live App within dropdown menus and page menus where it is included.

Page URL

Knack generates a unique URL for each page by incorporating the input you provide in the page URL, along with any necessary record identifiers.

The Page URL is generated based on the app's name. For example, to access a "Companies" page in an app named "Contact Directory", the URL would be:



Page Menu

Every start page that you add is automatically included in the page menu by default. Below is an example of how a page menu appears in a Live App:


Tip:  To learn more about page menus, see our article here.


If you wish to include/remove the page menu when viewing a particular page in the Live App, head over to the page'e settings and simply check/uncheck the box labeled "Display the Page Menu when viewing this page":


If you wish to include/exclude a particular page in the page menu, you can select the option of "Include this page in the Page Menu":


Note: The two options for the page menu in the page's settings are not selected by default. 



You have the option to select from a wide range of icons to include one alongside the page title, aligning it either to the left or right as desired.

Note: Icons are only available to include for login pages and start pages. To learn more about page types, see this anchored section here



Below are examples of how an icon would appear if the alignment was set to the left and to the right:




These features are accessible for all page types and provide options of adding a link to print the Live App page and displaying the page in a modal pop-up.

Note:  These options are not selected by default. 


A link to print the Live App page will appear as highlighted below:


If you choose the "Display page in a modal popup" option, the page will be shown in this format:


Choosing the option for "Keep modal open until action", will allow the modal pop-up to remain open until you choose to close it by clicking the exit icon at the top-right. If this option is not selected, clicking outside the modal will close the pop-up.pagesettings15

Note:  When choosing the "Preview" option in the Builder for pages that are set to open in a modal pop-up, the preview of the page will be shown as a regular live app page without the modal.