How do I backup or export my apps and data?

Learn more about exporting your data via the Knack API, exporting records from the Builder and Live App, and info on restoring or copying your app and it's data.


You have the option to export the data from your app in order to maintain a local or external copy. At this time, there is no available feature to export data from the entire app or multiple tables simultaneously.

To learn more about exporting, see our article here

If you have experience with APIs, you have the option to utilize the Knack API to automatically export your app's data.

See more information on the Knack API here



Currently, there is no available option to create an external copy of your app's structure such as pages and views. However, you have the ability to create a backup by making a copy of your app within your account.

Just keep in mind that there is a limit to the number of apps you can have based on your plan:

Note: We do not currently offer the option to store your app(s) separately from your existing apps for future use. Any apps that currently exist in your Knack Dashboard will count towards your app count and can not be stored elsewhere.

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Knack Backups

Regular and automatic backups of your app's data and structure are performed to ensure that you can easily restore them if the need ever arises.

Restores from backups are included in Corporate plans and above. Otherwise, there is a $100/hr charge for restores due to the manual work required.

You can read more about how long we store backups, how often we do backups, how restores work, and more in this article: Data Retention, Backups, and Restore Options.