How do I white label my app?

This article will provide you with the options you have for white labeling your app to remove any references to Knack.

To personalize your app and remove any mentions of Knack, there are several steps you can follow:


Remove the "Powered by Knack" From Your Apps

To remove the "Powered by Knack" link at the bottom of your app's pages, it is necessary to upgrade your plan to the Pro plan or above. This feature is not available on the Starter plan.

For more details on our plans, take a look at the Knack pricing page. To update your plan, go to the Plan & Billing: Plans section in your Dashboard.

Embed Your App

If you have your own website, you can embed your app onto your site. Learn more on this topic here in our article: Embedding Your App

The article provides comprehensive information on embedding your app using various CMS systems such as WordPress, SquareSpace, and more. It also covers the HTML requirements and addresses common issues related to embedding.

It is highly recommended to thoroughly read the article before proceeding with embedding your app on your website.

Whitelist Your Email Domain

By whitelisting your email domain, emails sent from your app will come from your domain instead of You can submit a request to whitelist your email domain by opening a ticket with our support team.