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Working With Support

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We understand that the support we provide is just as important as the product you use.

You'll find an expert team at Knack eager to help you build an outstanding app.

What are the support hours?

Our support hours are 10am - 6pm EST. While we may occasionally respond to messages outside of this time frame, this is when you can expect to hear from us.

Do you have a knowledge base or any tutorials or videos?

Yep, if you're reading this, you are already here! You can an view the homepage for our complete knowledge base here. Our Knowledge Base is split into main sections:

  • Get Started: A quick overview of the Knack platform.
  • Builder Guide: The complete manual to the different components of the Knack Builder and how to use them.
  • How-To Guides: Step by step instructions for building different app types, workflows, and functionality into your apps.
  • Manage Your Account: Information on billing and account administration.

You can also view our Developer Documentation for information on using custom code and our API with your apps.

We also host regular webinars. You can register at this link.

Do you offer chat?

We do not offer instant or live chat, but we do offer a convenient in-app messenger. When you're logged into the Knack Builder, you'll see the icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. We typically are available to provide responses through the messenger during our EST business hours. However, we are sometimes on during different hours of the day, so you may sometimes hear from us outside of support hours.

If you don't see us available, you can send us a message and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. To help us resolve your issue quicker, please send us the troubleshooting information we need. 

Do you offer video support?

We’re big fans of videos to help us answer your questions or troubleshoot any issues you run into. Feel free to record a video to visually talk us through a new part of your app you’d like to build or an issue you’re running into. You don’t have to send us multiple paragraphs describing a bug you’re running into. You can simply record a video of your screen going through the steps that lead to the issue.

Videos make it easier for us to provide thoughtful and detailed responses to your questions or to dig into your issues without delay. This means that we can ultimately resolve your requests faster.

Do you offer phone support?

In an effort to provide the best support we can during the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak, we will no longer be offering scheduled phone support as of April 23, 2020.

We made that change to give our team the ability to provide our customers with the best support possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. We believe it isn’t possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone that we can provide through email or our in-app messenger.

Click here to learn more about this change.

What kind of response times are typical for support requests?

We always try to respond as quickly as we can, but if things get busy we do have to prioritize requests based on the plan you have:

  • Starter: 1 -2 business days
  • Pro: 1 business day
  • Corporate: less than 1 business day
  • Enterprise: same day, when possible

For a quicker resolution, please send us the troubleshooting information we need

Do you have a support forum?

There is a community forum located at where customers can go for answers. The Knack team, Knack experts, and all members of the community can chime in and answer questions where possible. There is not a guarantee for receiving support there, so if you have a question specific to your app that falls within the scope of our support, it’s better to reach out using the in-app messenger.

Will you help me build my app?

During the 14-day, free trial we're available to help you evaluate the Knack product. We can provide guidance on whether Knack is a good fit for your idea and direction to help you build your app.

Beyond the trial, we can also offer further personalized assistance on the Pro plans and above. This includes learning more about your app goals and advising in the best way to achieve those with Knack.

However, we cannot build your app for you. If you would like to hire someone to build your app, you can find someone on our Expert Network.

The Starter plan is limited to support on the basics of using the Knack platform.

What information do I need to send to get help?

So that we can jump right in when we see your message, please be sure to include a clear and detailed note to help us help you. If something is not working right and you’d like us to troubleshoot, please provide in your note to

  • URL to where we can see the issue in either your Builder or Live App. 
  • Detailed steps on how to observe the issue.

How can I send an example spreadsheet or data?

If our support team asks for a sample spreadsheet for troubleshooting imports or building a proof of concept, please sanitize the spreadsheet so it does not include any real user data. We ask this to maintain the security of our customers and yours. 

Will you help me implement or troubleshoot custom code?

While we're happy to guide you on specific questions on topics in our Developer Documentation, the Knack Support team is unable to test, troubleshoot, or write code for you. 

You can read more on getting help with custom code here.

Can I upgrade plans temporarily just to access higher support features?

No, at least a 3-month plan history is required to access the respective support features.

Do you offer dedicated support or extended training sessions?

Yes, customers on an Enterprise plan are eligible to receive a Dedicated Support Manager. Training is available to customers on any paid plan. Reach out to support at for more information on our training packages.

What is a Dedicated Support Manager and how do I get one?

Your Dedicated Support Manager will work with you one-on-one to provide guidance as you build and maintain your app(s). They will know your apps, requirements, and goals, so you don’t have to explain those each time you need help.

Your support requests will be automatically sent to your DSM. Of course, if your DSM is out of the office, the rest of the team will be available to help you, so you’re never without someone to help

A DSM won’t provide technical assistance involving custom code or the API, and won’t do any app building for you.

To have a DSM assigned, you must be on an Enterprise plan. Reach out to support at to be assigned a DSM.

On which holidays is support not available?

There are six holidays in the U.S. when support is unavailable.

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

Do you offer emergency or after hours support?

Yes, we do offer emergency support for customers on Plus and Enterprise plans. Enterprise plans include private servers, custom cloud, HIPAA Plus plans, and High Security GovCloud plans.

Customers with access to emergency support can submit emergency support requests from within the builder and using a special email address.

We will respond to the request within an hour of receiving it. We don't make any guarantees on a resolution time since each issue is different. 

Emergency support coverage is 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. 

Emergency support requests can only be submitted for the following:

  • Unexplained data loss (e.g. data sanctity issue or issues compromising your data)
  • Primary app features no longer functioning (e.g. can’t add or edit data)
  • Unable to load your apps

Note: emergency support does not cover requests for app and/or data restores due to user changes.

All other requests are considered standard support requests and should be submitted to They will be handled during regular business hours.

To inquire about our Enterprise plans and receiving emergency support, please use the "Contact Us" button to submit the form on this page

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