Get Started

How Knack Works

Watch this 3-minute video, read more, or join an upcoming webinar to get started with Knack. What is Knack? Knack is used by everyday innovators at thousands of organizations, from non-profits to the…

Danielle Kellogg
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Design Your Database

Behind each Knack app is an online database - this stores all the data that your app will use. The first step in building your app is to define the data it will store and how it will work together. T…

Danielle Kellogg
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Manage Your Records

What is a Record? In Knack, your data is stored as records. You can think of these records in Knack like individual rows in a spreadsheet. These records are stored in your app and are grouped into ob…

Danielle Kellogg
Updated 2 years ago by Danielle Kellogg

Build Your Live Application

Knack is a great place to store all of your data in a powerful online database. The problem is your data isn’t doing any good just sitting there. The next step is to unlock that data so it’s useful i…

Ro Chittick
Updated 4 months ago by Ro Chittick

View and Share Your App

After you add some pages it’s time to view and share your live application. View your app. To view your live application, just select a page on your page tree and then click “Live App”: Each page wil…

Ro Chittick
Updated 2 months ago by Ro Chittick

Do More With Knack

Now that you’ve got the basics down, explore these other great ways you can add additional functionality to build a custom database solution that fits your exact needs. Workflow. Using features like…

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