How to Update Your Page's Settings

Watch an instructional guide to quickly learn how to update your page's settings.

00:01: Hi, this guide will walk you through adjusting your page settings and what each setting entails. 00:09: First we'll navigate to the Pages section in the Builder. 00:16: When you first access the Pages section, you will be brought to all your pages that you have created on the left allowing you to select which page you would like to preview. 00:30: To access a page's settings, you can click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the page's name in either of these locations. 00:41: From the drop-down list, select 'Settings". 00:47: Let's begin with the Page's name. The Page's name is exactly what it sounds like. Here, you have the option to modify the page name to accurately reflect the content the page contains.This helps other builders working in your app navigate through your pages more easily. 01:06: Next, let's go over the page URL. By default, the page URL uses the page's name. Knack generates a unique URL for each page by incorporating the input you provide here along with any necessary record identifiers. 01:25: For the page menu, there are two available options to enable or disable. For the first option, you can either choose to include or remove the page menu when viewing this particular page in the Live App. For the second option, you can choose whether or not this page will be included in the page menu. These two options are not selected by default. 01:50: Here, you have the ability to add an icon to the left or right of your page's name when it is displayed in the Live App. By default, an icon is not selected. Please note that icons are only available to include for login pages and start pages. 02:09: If you already have an icon selected for the page, you will see the icon chosen above the change icon button. If you do not already have an icon selected, there will be an "Add Icon" button. Both of these buttons when clicked will direct you to the list of available icons to choose from. 02:30: Here, you can select the alignment of the icon to be on the left or right of the page's name. You can also filter your search for an icon by inputting a value in the field highlighted. 02:44: For an example, you can search for an icon related to currency by entering in the value "money" here, which will then return a currency icon directly below it. 02:56: If you would like to remove your current icon, you can do so by selecting the "Remove Icon" button. 03:04: Lastly, for the additional options, you can choose to enable or disable these settings by checking or unchecking the boxes. These settings are not enabled by default and they are accessible for all page types. 03:21: Let's start with the option to show a link to print this page. If enabled, this option will display a print link on the top right side of this page in the Live App. 03:33: When selecting the option to display the page in a modal pop, the page will only appear in that format unless you select the option to Preview this page or if you insert the page's URL directly in your browser, where it will then appear as a regular Live App page without the modal. 03:53: If you choose to display the page in a modal popup, the option to keep the modal open until action will become available to select. Choosing this option will allow the modal pop-up to remain open until you choose to close it by clicking the exit icon at the top-right. If this option is not selected, clicking outside the modal will close it. 04:17: As always, please remember to save your settings upon changing them. 04:23: This guide covered the process of adjusting your page's settings and what each setting entails. Thank you for watching.

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