Routine App Maintenance

In this article, we will share tips on how to best maintain your apps to allow optimum performance.

It is highly recommended for all Knack builders to regularly perform app maintenance to guarantee that your app's performance aligns with the expectations of your users. 

Below are key factors and questions to keep in mind when conducting regular maintenance tasks:

  • Equation and text formula fields: Are they all necessary; are there alternative methods to reference the information? Can some be consolidated?

  • Formula fields: Is it possible to configure formula fields like sums, counts, etc. through report views instead?

  • Connected records: Where can pages and views be used to display connected information? Rather than using formulas, equations, or other fields to pull this information into one table.

  • Pages and Views: Are there extra pages that are unnecessary, or could page rules be used to display different information to different user roles instead of several pages that recycle the same information?

  • Form rules: Are there inserted connected record rules that then trigger a cascade of other field value updates on connected fields that could be removed or simplified?

  • Tablesfields, and connections: Are there extra connections between tables that aren't needed? Fields that are no longer used?

  • Records: Sheer record count typically doesn't drastically bring the app to a crawl, but if they aren't being used, could historical records be exported and removed?

  • Split up your app into two or more apps: Are there multiple standalone workflows or processes happening within a single app? For example, are you using a single app to manage customer orders and job applications? Are multiple departments/teams using the same app?

If you have any questions/concerns or need assistance with optimizing your app's performance after reviewing the above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team. You can do so by submitting this form. They will be happy to help!