I'm over the storage limit for my account. How do I add more storage or get under the limit?

Add More Storage

More storage can be added to your account based on your plan of choice: Pricing - Additional Storage

Your plan will be automatically upgraded to ensure that you stay within the storage limit. This will include either adding a storage add-on or upgrading you to the next plan level, depending on which option is the most cost effective.

A plan can have a maximum of two storage add-ons. Beyond that, the plan will be upgraded.

Get Under the Limit

To comply with the storage limit, you have the option to delete files and/or images from your apps.

As you remove files/images from an app, be sure to clear unused storage assets from your account dashboard: Clear Unused Storage Assets. This will ensure that files and images are completely deleted so that your storage amount is lowered accordingly.

If you would like to store those files/images locally before deleting them, you can export and download them: Batch Download All of the images and Files In My App.