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How secure is Knack?

In this article, we offer a summary of the security measures implemented by Knack to safeguard your valuable data.

​We prioritize the security of your data above all else.​

In order to guarantee the utmost security of your data, we employ robust encryption measures both at rest and while in transit. This ensures that even if unauthorized access were to occur, the data would remain completely indecipherable.

​Additionally, we use the highest security options available via Amazon Web Services. AWS is considered an industry leader​ in cloud services and is trusted by organizations like DOW Jones, Pfizer, and the CDC.​

In addition, we strongly advise utilizing secure user access for all applications. This essential feature ensures that data remains protected by requiring users to authenticate their access to restricted areas of the application, thereby preventing any unauthorized access.

​For more information on Knack's security and the steps we take to ensure your data is secure at all times, please take a look here: ​Security and Infrastructure​​.​

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