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How can I show a customer's payment history if I'm collecting payments through my Knack app and through cash or check?

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If you're using Knack's e-commerce feature to collect payments through your app and you're also collecting payments from customers in cash or by check, then you can track all payments from your customers within Knack.

You'll need two connected objects to make this work.

1. When the e-commerce features are enabled, a Payments objects is automatically added to your app to track all credit or debit card charges. To reduce confusion, you can rename this object to "Credit/Debit Card Payments."

2. Create a new "Payments" object to track all payments received. In this object, you'll create a new record each time a customer pays via cash or check.

3. Connect the "Payments" object to the "Accounts" object, so you can specify which customer made the cash, check, debit, or credit payment.

4. Connect the "Credit/Debit Card Payments" object to the new "Payments" object. 

5. On your payment views, add a payment (record) rule that automatically creates a new connected record in the Payments object each time a new credit/debit card payment is made through your app. Be sure to pass along the customer connection from the credit/charge using the payment rule. 

That's it! Now you can keep all of your customers' payments in your new Payments object while still allowing customers to make payments through your app. 


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