I'm over the record limit for my account. How do I add more records or get under the limit?

Add More Records

More records can be added to your account based on your plan: Pricing - Additional Records (at the bottom of the chart). 

If you choose this option, no further action is needed on your part. 

We'll automatically upgrade your account to get you under the limit. This means we'll either include a records add-on or upgrade you to the next plan level, whichever is cheapest. 

A plan can have a maximum of two record add-ons. Beyond that, the plan will be upgraded. 

Get Under the Limit

You can delete records from your apps to get under the limit.

It may take some time for the record counts to update if you’re deleting a lot of records. So you can always force a record count refresh using the "Refresh Record Count" option on your account dashboard: Update Record Counts.

If you want to store those records locally before deleting them, you can export them from your app. Please refer to the Export Records guide for additional information.