Advanced Searches

More complex searches are possible in Knack by combining multiple filters and keywords with more precise matching criteria.

Knack has a Search view that includes more options for advanced searches:

  • Complex searches with multiple criteria and exact matches
  • Apply any/all logic to multiple-choice and lookup options
  • Layout options to display multiple filters in columns

As an example, you can limit the search to target specific fields with filters. You can also allow your users to select checkboxes to quickly narrow down by multiple-choice or connected values.


Even more powerful is the ability to search with exact matches. This allows your users to only find what they need and in some instances protect data that they don’t need to see.

For example, in a search view showing Orders, you can add advanced search options to only return a single record that is an exact match for the "Tracking Number" field.


Advanced search options can also allow you to run specific searches on multiple fields at once. For example, in a grid view of Employee records, you can search the Department field for "Marketing" and the Date of Hire field for values during the last month.

In this search, both criteria would need to be true to return a record. Therefore, this search would only return records for new marketing employees hired in the past six months.


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Search Connected Data

Beyond searching for a single set of records, you can also search for connected data. When views display connected fields, your users can filter based on those connected fields.

For example, let's say you have a grid showing Student records that include a "Class Name" field with their connected Class. Your users could filter the data based on that connected “Class Name."


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Search Maps By Location

With Map views, you can harness the power of geospatial searches by searching based on addresses in your records. For example, you can search by zip code or postal code to return records within a set distance.



Note: Map searches are only available on the Pro plan and above.

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Search Options For Reports

Knack report features enable you to group your records together and run reports on those groups. For example, you could group orders by month and then run reports on the total orders for each month.

Reports include the same search options to filter which records are included in these groups. You can control which records are shown using source filters, queries based on the logged-in user, user-added filters, and predefined filter menus.



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