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Build a Member Directory

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App Description

The Member Directory app allows users to log in, view a directory of members and make changes to member records based on user roles. Members can update their own profile, as well as view other member’s records. Admins can view, edit and delete member records.


In order to build a member directory app, you must activate user roles, create at least two user roles, Members and Admin, and create at least two different user pages that each role will have sole access to.


Defining User Roles

Defining your user roles is a critical part of creating a functioning member directory for your business. This will ensure that Admin roles are able to assign tasks and edit fields, while members are able to view and update their tasks in the field.

Add User Roles

Now that your users have been activated, it’s time to add your user roles. For this app, we will create an Admin role and a Member role. You can click the green "+" button next to the User Roles section to create these specific, additional roles:

Add User Records

There are two ways to add records to your user roles in the Builder: manually or by importing records using a CSV file.

Manually Add User Records

User records can be manually from the Records section of the Builder added by pressing the +Add Record button:

You can read more about adding and managing records here.

Import User Records from a CSV file

User records can also be imported by uploading a CSV file:

You can read more about importing records here.

It is highly recommended that you include headers in your CSV file that will match the headers in your records. Make sure your CSV file is properly formatted before importing. Read our CSV Format Guide for Importing for more information.

Add Pages

Now that you have created your user roles and added your records, it’s time to put your app together by adding pages.

Add an Admin Access Page

Beyond viewing and editing member records, Admins can also add or delete members.

To get started, in the Pages section of the Builder add a new page and require a login to access. Limit permission to the Admin user role:

Add a view for records of the Members table.

When selecting which views to add to this page, select:

  • A grid to display Members details to view more Member fields.
  • A form to edit the Member.

Once the page has been added, next you will need to add a menu view linking to a new page with a form to add new members.

Next, you will need to add a the ability to delete records in a grid. To do this, open up the grid view editor. The delete link can be added in the "Add Columns" section of the grid view editor, then click "Actions".

You can read more about using action links here.

Add a Member Access Page

In order for Members to access and edit their Member records, you must add a Member access page. This page will require the user to login to view, and should be limited to Members. Members will be able to view and edit their records, as well as view the records of other Members.

To get started, add a new page and require a login to access. Limit permission to the Member user role. Press Continue and name your new page.

Once you have added your Member access page, you will need to add a grid to display Member records. Add a grid using the "+ Add View" button in the top navigation.

This grid will display Member records and link to view more details about each Member to the grid:

View Your Live App

Congratulations! You’ve built your member directory. Your page should now look something like this:

Members will be able to view a grid containing Member information. They will also be able to click a link to view more details about each Member. Admins will be able to view, edit and delete Member information.

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